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% Visible Light Transmittance 20
% Infra-Red Rejection (1400nm) 93
% Ultra Violet Rejection (280nm-400nm) 99
% Total Solar Energy Rejected 70
Thickness 2mil
Scratch Resistance 3H
Color Appearance Diamond Black

Multi Layer Chip Dye Nano Titanium Optical films  are produced using newly invented  technology with Multi Layer films which are Optically clear, color stable, have a high degree of heat rejection, made by precious or semi-precious metals sputtering process or Nano ceramic coat or a combination of both. These films offer an extremely long service life. Variants available for automobile and residential use. made by world class manufacture.
  1. Two anti UV age layers inside the PET to protect the color fade.
  2. UV rejection up to 99%(380nm) inside the PET.
  3. Use metal (Titanium) as IR rejection material and extruded inside the PET, non-reflective looking and no signal interference. No fade of IR rejection.
  4. Using high visibility with the special anti-scratch coating layer. 
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